Who We Serve

Layer 8 Security serves organizations with cybersecurity, regulatory, and compliance needs. We work with our clients as a partner to understand where they should focus, why they should focus in those areas, and how to address them right now and in the future.


Our Services Approach

The Layer 8 Security value proposition is a focus on the holistic solution—addressing people, process, and technology without being tied to selling technology solutions. We solve cybersecurity challenges by integrating traditionally disparate consulting verticals with compliance knowledge and information technology proficiency. This supports our clients’ needs to adapt to changing regulations and cyber threats, protecting both their stakeholders and bottom line.


Why Layer 8 Security?

You want a multi-faceted and experienced team with a white glove approach to guide your ongoing cybersecurity journey. We understand that active knowledge of your business challenges is equally as important as the need to address regulatory and cybersecurity requirements and risks.


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Updates and Recent Achievements

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