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Anti-virus Is Not Enough

It used to be, when you bought a new computer for home or deployed a new machine in an office environment, the only security commonly deployed was an anti-virus package. You had your choice of any number of the popular vendor offerings, as the big dogs were all too eager to bundle their software with a PC builder’s machine to get a foothold. McAfee, Norton and Symantec were quite prevalent, and the yearly subscriptions became the norm. And these and [...]

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Anthem – What should you do about it?

Anywhere you look lately, someone is falling victim to a data breach. In 2014, Sony was the biggest name that fell victim to a cyber attack and subsequent data breach. And around the time of that massive breach, experts began to sound an alarm for pending attacks, likely targeting the health care networks. MIT went so far as to call 2015 the year of the health care hack. And, with news of the massive Anthem breach breaking late on February [...]

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Healthcare Data May Be Prime Target In 2015 : Is Your Data Safe?

By now, everyone has heard about the massive Sony hack that capped off a rather busy 2014, in terms of cyber attacks. It was extensive in scope and scale, in data compromised and information revealed. And while it was extremely high profile, there are much more tempting targets all around us. Put simply, healthcare information is in the cross-hairs. It is something each and every one of us has created. If you’ve gone to a doctor or been to a [...]

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Remember To Cover The Basics

It may seem obvious. It may be old hat. But it’s always worth repeating. Especially in light of a recent Cisco study that reveals that many IT teams fail to take even basic security steps. And what are those most basic of steps? Things like taking the time to apply critical patches when released, or maintaining up-to-date code levels. By being lax in these extremely obvious and supposedly routine procedures, an organization can be left open to major vulnerabilities for [...]