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Beware of Public Wifi

Honestly, in our present day, that seems like it should be common sense, but all too often it is not. Yet another news story is shining a spotlight on the fact that another form of public wireless, this time hotel access, is vulnerable. ( Let me state the obvious: effectively, all wireless access is vulnerable. If you want to be security-minded, you have to expect that any connection you have can be breached. To think otherwise will lull you into [...]

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Like the wise man says, “We’ll see…”

Legislation has been talked about, and bills have hit the floor, but as of yet nothing that is impactful has really come through yet. From what we see in the field of cyber threats, warfare and crime, this bill doesn't promise to to anything groundbreaking, but it does allow for easier sharing of data. Because of that, it may just wield itself as a giant information database that requires sorting, filing and meta-tagging, which may be the niche industry that [...]

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Beware Of Strange Devices

Honestly, if you are security conscious or just generally paranoid, this is likely a belief you hold near and dear. I still remember people on my earliest IT teams having an isolated computer that was used for triaging "foreign" media, things like memory sticks and USB drives that someone wanted to use on our network. The reasoning was simple - if the device in question had malicious code on it, either known or unknown, only the isolated computer would be [...]

Announcing a New Cybersecurity Company with a Fresh Outlook: Layer 8 Security

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Casey Lipson, Marketing and Sales Coordinator March 2, 2015  Exton, Pennsylvania – Technology Research Associates (TRA) is rebranding its security division as Layer 8 Security. TRA formed its security division while working in the intelligence community and found a calling in the information audit, penetration testing, and breach response services for the commercial industry. TRA and Layer 8 Security’s pedigree comes from military services and agencies like the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber [...]