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ISP Phishing Scam

The BBC is reporting cyber criminals are targeting users with a fake pop-up window designed to look like a legitimate message from the user’s ISP. The message states there is malware on the user’s system and please call the toll free number provided. It’s a scam. But as phishing campaigns go this one is particularly nasty. Criminals are using the credibility of real ISPs to attack consumers. The attacks so far have occurred in the US, Canada, and Great [...]

Good advice can lead to bad cybersecurity choices

  Generation Y and Millennials have a skewed view of cybersecurity. They are told constantly “be careful what you post; once it’s on the web it’s there forever.” Good advice. Unfortunately this has given the impression to 16-34 year olds that they can retrieve their data from sources other than their PC, phone or tablet, namely the web! Ransomware in particular is not seen as a threat. Ransomware is malicious software designed to take over a PC or other Internet [...]

Let the Cyber Litigation Begin!

Cyber Insurance is squarely in the spotlight; the case of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Inc. v. Federal Insurance Co. has been heard and could signal an onslaught of litigation between cyber insurers and policyholders. Chubb Ltd. will not be required to reimburse P.F. Chang's for costs charged the restaurant chain related to credit card processing in connection with a 2014 data breach under its cyber policy. For those interested in the details of the case and position Chubb proffered, here [...]

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Why Spear Phishing and Social Engineering Work

Why Spear Phishing and Social Engineering Work People are the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. Why do they click on an embedded link contained in an email. Why do they open what looks like a suspicious email in the first place? Successful ransomware and spear phishing attacks continue to be on the rise; in February a Los Angeles hospital paid $17,000 to hackers in order to “free” their computers. So far this year the FBI estimates $200 [...]