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The BEC – Not Your Grandfather’s Phishing Scheme

The BEC - Not Your Grandfather’s Phishing Scheme The FBI has reported cyber criminals are using new tactics to steal millions from US companies. The schemes target companies that do business overseas, and use wire transfer of funds on a regular basis. The schemes is called a Business Email Compromise. As the name implies legitimate business emails are compromised through social engineering or direct cyber attack. This information is then used to make fraudulent wire transfers to banks, usually in [...]

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Kevin Hyde Honored with Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Veterans of Influence Award

PRESS RELEASE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Honoree Kevin Hyde and other members of Layer 8 Security attended Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Veterans of Influence Awards on July 21, 2016 at The Ballroom at the Ben. The event was designed to recognize veterans who are influential in the Philadelphia business community. Layer 8 Security extends its congratulations to our Managing Director, Kevin Hyde and all Honorees of this prestigious award. His leadership, drive and enthusiasm play an invaluable role in shaping the company’s services, brand, culture and reputation. [...]

New Gmail Phishing Scam Puts over 5 Million Businesses at Risk

Over half of Fortune 500 companies use Google Apps in an official capacity Over 5 Million companies use Google Apps and Email for Business If your company's credentials were compromised, how well could your company weather the storm? Everyone sooner or later gets phishing email. A member of our security team got just that; a phishing email masquerading as Gmail administrators. The email at first looks legitimate. But notice the “From” address in the upper left hand corner, and misspelling [...]

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New Prevention Tactics for Avoiding Malware

In an effort to combat the epidemic of ransomware attacks, the FBI identified key steps to help prevent a breach. There are over 4000 ransomware attacks per day, and the number is expected to increase. Individuals and businesses need to protect themselves against this insidious intrusion. Ransomware is a form of malware designed to extort money from businesses and individuals. It encrypts data on a home computer or business network, and in some cases seeks out connected backups to encrypt [...]