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This is why we preach ‘Layered Defenses’

As they say in the Intelligence Community, ‘our dear friends’ have shared some rather important news and it’s a big deal because you the human can do a lot to prevent the losses that are being yielded to the profiting cyber criminal groups. Ransomware is on the rise. This may come as a surprise to no one because this seems to match the headlines and murmurings that we in the business world hear all day. However this time your ears [...]

Layer 8 Security In the News – Virtual Case Notes: The FBI vs. the Dark Web

Earlier this month in a controversial decision, the FBI dropped all charges against Jay Michaud, a Washington-state teacher who was a user of a child pornography website called "Playpen." Jeffrey Lipson, Executive Director of Layer 8 Security, was interviewed by Forensic Magazine about this recent decision by the FBI and to better understand the technology and implications of this case. “If the bad guys know how the government is finding them, they’ll find ways around it,” he said. “It’s kind [...]

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Layer 8 Security in the News – State Democrats recover from ransomware attack

Jeffrey Lipson, Executive Director of Layer 8 Security, was interviewed by The Philadelphia Tribune about ransomware suffered by Pennsylvania State Democrats in early March. “I feel bad because businesses are getting more prepared, at least the big businesses,” [Jeffrey Lipson] said. “But there are so many small businesses and individuals who have been hit, and those are the ones that can least afford it.” You can read The Philadelphia Tribune article at For further information about ransomware and how to defend your organization [...]

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Layer 8 Security In the News – Ransomware picks off broader targets with greater severity

Kevin Hyde, Managing Director of Layer 8 Security, was featured in CSO Online's newly published article about ransomware and how it is changing the information security landscape. "“Consider a ransomware attack on a police network or 911 dispatch center, making those civil functions inoperable could result in many criminals getting away with preventable crimes,” says Kevin Hyde, managing director at Layer 8 Security." You can check out the article at CSO Online at For further information about ransomware and how [...]

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Cybersecurity and M&A: What can we learn from Yahoo?

Yahoo announced yesterday that CEO Marissa Mayer would forfeit a $12 million equity bonus due to the security breach incurred during her tenure.  The general counsel Ron Bell was forced to resign.  The breach cost Yahoo $350 million from its top value in the sale to Verizon and the company now faces at least 43 class action suits. These events should serve as a warning to anyone in the M&A business.  A compromise assessment should be a part of any [...]

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