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Layer 8 Security In the News – Cybersecurity Expert Weighs-In On New Ransomware Emerging

Layer 8 Security Managing Director, Kevin Hyde, was interviewed by CBS Philly's Ian Bush about this past weekend's WannaCry ransomware crisis in his article "Cybersecurity Expert Weighs-In On New Ransomware Emerging." Kevin Hyde, the managing director at Layer 8 Security in Exton said, “We expect the unexpected. We say, ‘OK, a new strain of ransomware. Now, what do we need to do to help companies prepare for it?'” You can read the CBS Philly article at their website

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Major Ransomware Attack Hits 99 Countries and Counting

 What you need to know: There has been a high volume of reports of Ransomware attacks called "WannaCry" affecting Microsoft Windows systems. WannaCry exploits a vulnerability called EternalBlue that Microsoft provided a patch for in March. You can learn more about this patch at Microsoft's blog. U.S. firms should be prepared for WannaCry to show up on our shores. If you haven't already, patch your Windows systems to the most up-to-date version.Microsoft provided an update, however, it needs to be [...]

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Massive Phishing Scam From a Surprising Source

By now you’ve likely heard about the nation-wide phishing scam that struck through what many consider a surprising source, Google Docs. What everyone down to the user level needs to keep in mind is that no avenue of attack is ever expected, but none should be surprising. If there is a way, any way, hackers and scammers can get you to let them in, they will exploit it. Awareness that any communication is a potential source of attack, and making [...]

The New York State Department of Financial Services (“NYS DFS”) Cybersecurity Regulations: We are all connected

Layer 8 Security's General Counsel, Steven Fiergang, was one of Philadelphia PACT's May newsletter featured authors. His article, "The New York State Department of Financial Services ("NYS DFS") Cybersecurity Regulations: We are all connected" discusses how cybersecurity regulations for financial services in New York impact the marketplace. "Rather than proffering a construct for another “voluntary” framework to accurately gauge cybersecurity risk, New York boldly puts forth a set of minimum standards by which to judge the thoroughness of each entity’s information [...]

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