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The Organized Cybercrime Workplace: Not Your Parents’ Basement

Typically, when the public sees hackers and cyber criminals portrayed, whether in print or on screen, the imagery is usually the same. We're driven to believe these criminals are unkept, socially awkward, basement dwellers who can’t get enough of any specific hyper-caffeinated beverage. But is that reality? It’s quite clear that’s often not the case. Surely there are going to be some criminals that fit the stereotypical mold, but more and more, the bad actors are increasingly likely to present [...]

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The Summer of GDPR: Reflecting on the first 90 days

On May 25, the countries of the European Union entered into a brave new world. The sweeping new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into full effect. GDPR was hailed as a win for personal privacy when it comes to how a company handles your data, but as with any new laws, there is a period of adjustment. Companies may struggle to be fully compliant, either due to lack of preparation or a lack of comprehension. It’s worth a look [...]