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The cost of Cybersecurity – what the C-Suite needs to know

High-profile breaches, such as those that impacted Equifax, Target and others, get the attention of company leaders and often trigger actions towards cybersecurity in ways they previously had not. How and where to spend wisely on cybersecurity for better risk management is a question that we get often. We never want you to spend simply out of fear, but rather through well-informed decisions. In this blog, we provide insight to help you make those well-informed decisions in a way that [...]

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Layer 8 Security featured in Forensic Magazine GHIDRA article

Layer 8 Security Cybersecurity Engineer, Andrew Miller, was featured in Forensic Magazine for his perspectives on the recent 'GHIDRA' tool release from the National Security Agency. “I am particularly interested in seeing how it compares to other disassemblers available, such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja or Hopper,” said Miller. “[Disassemblers are] particularly useful for analyzing malware. If you are hit with suspected malware and want to analyze what that malware is doing, tools such as GHIDRA would allow you to do [...]

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