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Quick thoughts for a summer of safe travel

This story from USA Today caught my interest given that the summer vacation season is upon us - I wanted to share with a wide audience. The article is worth a read. We typically think of hacking coming via phishing or some similar method; however, thieves are ingenious and will find ways to illicitly profit. A few important highlights to reinforce: Be wary about using public Wi-Fi or other public information systems (such as hotel lobby computers). Be careful about [...]

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New Research Affirms Layer 8 Security Recommendations

Account takeover, or account 'hijacking', is a pervasive and persistent problem for users in their work and personal environments. Most often, account hijacking attempts are automated – carried out by bots with access to vast lists of email/password combinations exposed by third-party breaches. These bots attempt to gain additional access to your digital footprint by trying those credentials against different services. For instance, a bot with access to email addresses and passwords exposed in the Equifax breach may try these [...]

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Jeff Lipson featured as Villanova University BWSF Donor of the Month

Layer 8 Security's Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Lipson, was recently honored as the featured Donor of the Month for Villanova University's Blue White Scholarship Foundation. Jeff is a Villanova University alumnus and previously served as a Blue White Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors member. "I left Villanova with considerable student loans. Like most kids graduating, it took me many years to finally pay these debts. And I was fairly lucky, I had a partial scholarship. When [I was asked] to [...]

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Jeff Lipson featured on Executive Leaders Radio

Layer 8 Security's Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Lipson, was recently a featured guest on Executive Leaders Radio. Jeff was asked by Executive Leaders Radio host, Herb Cohen, about his background education, influences, mentors, early career experiences. Herb also asked Jeff about Layer 8 Security, what they do and who they serve. In addition, Jeff was asked about his interests outside of work and personal turning points. To listen to the interview, use the link below to download the full audio. [...]

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Cyber Risk Management: A Breakfast Bootcamp

Detect, React, and Stop Threats Through Informed Decision-Making Thursday, May 16, 2019 8:30 - 9:45 a.m. Spector Gadon Rosen Vinci P.C. 1635 Market Street, 7th Floor, Philadelphia To do everything possible to prevent the theft of your company’s data, head off malware attacks and avoid data corruption, you must know how to: Assess the people, processes, and technology of your firm Fix the exposures you can, and make business and risk-based decisions Join us for a targeted presentation in which Spector Gadon Rosen [...]

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Why do I need to care about DNS? And what is it anyway?

Summarized by Wired… “Researchers at Cisco's Talos security division on Wednesday revealed that a hacker group it's calling Sea Turtle carried out a broad campaign of espionage via Domain Name Service (“DNS”) hijacking, hitting 40 different organizations. In the process, they went so far as to compromise multiple country-code top-level domains—the suffixes like or .ru that conclude a foreign web address—putting all the traffic of every domain in multiple countries at risk.” Here are your key takeaways... Your organization [...]

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