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Casey Lipson is Layer 8 Security’s Marketing and Sales Coordinator. He brings years of the highest integrity and experience working in and with early-stage technology companies, focusing primarily on client engagement and support, delivery of services, and business operations/planning. Casey is a strong believer that with the application of specialized knowledge, technology can be leveraged to help organizations solve difficult problems, achieve their business goals, and realize potential growth. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Marketing.

Layer 8 Security featured in Forensic Magazine GHIDRA article

Layer 8 Security Cybersecurity Engineer, Andrew Miller, was featured in Forensic Magazine for his perspectives on the recent 'GHIDRA' tool release from the National Security Agency. “I am particularly interested in seeing how it compares to other disassemblers available, such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja or Hopper,” said Miller. “[Disassemblers are] particularly useful for analyzing malware. If you are hit with suspected malware and want to analyze what that malware is doing, tools such as GHIDRA would allow you to do [...]

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Layer 8 Security Executive Director honored as a Philadelphia Veteran of Influence

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – November 1, 2018 - Jeff Lipson, Layer 8 Security’s Executive Director, has been awarded the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2018 Veteran of Influence Award.  On Nov 1, 2018 at the Hilton Penn’s Landing, the award ceremony recognized influential veterans local to the Philadelphia business community. In addition to the Veteran of Influence award, Jeff was also featured on Radio America’s live broadcast originally airing October 21, 2018. Layer 8 Security is proud to extend its congratulations to Jeff and [...]

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Phishing on the Phone

Phishing is an ever-present problem that we must contend with. When most think of phishing attacks, thoughts immediately turn to emails that try to get us to click. But phishing is not just an email-based attack. We are seeing phishing conducted through search results and even Google ads. These can be especially problematic when users are searching from their smart phones. Why would searching from your smart phone be bad? With a smaller screen, you may see less information than [...]

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The Danger of Ruby Rose

    Every year, McAfee produces an ominous sounding list: the most dangerous celebrities on the Internet. The list is an indication of which celebrity personas cyber criminals use as a point of interest to get you to click on an ad, link, or download an attachment. What does it mean for you? Several things, depending on if you are worried about it from a corporate perspective, or a home use case. In the office, this is a big reason [...]

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The Organized Cybercrime Workplace: Not Your Parents’ Basement

Typically, when the public sees hackers and cyber criminals portrayed, whether in print or on screen, the imagery is usually the same. We're driven to believe these criminals are unkept, socially awkward, basement dwellers who can’t get enough of any specific hyper-caffeinated beverage. But is that reality? It’s quite clear that’s often not the case. Surely there are going to be some criminals that fit the stereotypical mold, but more and more, the bad actors are increasingly likely to present [...]

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[Webinar] GDPR is Here: Need-to-Know Info from Security Experts

We're excited to host a webinar on Thursday, July 26 at 11am EST with our friends at Razor Technology! Attendees can expect to learn how The General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") applies to them and what steps they can take now to address GDPR concerns. Check out the details below to learn more. -- About this webinar You may have brushed aside the flurry of emails in your inbox announcing privacy policy updates, but if your business isn’t following suit, you [...]

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The California Privacy Bill – why is it important?

The TL; DR – The governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed “The California Privacy Bill” on short-notice at the end of June. Similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) in the EU, the Bill is a large leap forward in safeguarding consumer information by regulating what information businesses store and by providing the ability for individuals to prevent companies from selling their personal information to third-parties. This could reduce consumers' risk of having their information leaked and used for [...]

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GDPR for SMBs: Preparedness, Privacy, & Protection

Recently, our friends at Razor Technology hosted a joint interview with Layer 8 Security to discuss what the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") means for SMBs. Our Managing Director, Kevin Hyde, and their Director of Technology Solutions, Tom Reynolds, provided their insights in an blog posted on the Razor Tech website. -- What are some ways SMBs can prepare to comply with the GDPR? Kevin Hyde: Companies need to have some mechanism through which data is accessible and they need [...]

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GDPR privacy and data protection – the new global standard?

As of Friday, May 25th, European Union regulators began enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In case you haven't heard of GDPR, or not noticed the recent multitudes of privacy policy emails in your inbox from third-parties, GDPR is an EU privacy and data protection law that provides for greater control over EU residents' personal information, and requires organizations to safeguard that information handled in their systems. To many privacy advocates, GDPR has been hailed as the privacy standard [...]

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Layer 8 Security at 2018 PACT Enterprise Awards

For Immediate Release May 9, 2018, Malvern, Pennsylvania - Layer 8 Security is proud to have been a top-three finalist for the 2018 Enterprise Awards Technology Startup of the Year presented by the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT). Layer 8 Security ceded the award to Perpay, a fintech startup located in Center City, Philadelphia. "We were honored to be in great company in this awards ceremony," said Jeffrey Lipson, Layer 8 Security's Executive Director. "Thanks to PACT for putting on [...]

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