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John Deegan is an experienced IT professional, having spent the past 15 years covering various aspects of information technology-engineering, help desk support, project management, and just about anything else he's been asked to help with. He brings with him a wealth of experience, having worked for start-up firms and Fortune 20 firms, and numerous clients in between. His current interests include network security and wireless networking, with an eye toward helping clients deploy clean, effective and secure network solutions. John holds a Bachelor's from Saint Joseph's University as well as a Master's from the University of Phoenix.

What you need to know about London Blue

What should you know about London Blue? London Blue is a group of malicious actors making use of what is known as ‘business email compromise’, and they are exceptionally skilled in this tactic. Through this attack, the group sends emails, largely to company CFOs, masquerading as a company insider - sometimes even the CEO. In the email, the bad actor requests that the company executive transfer funds for some business reason to an outside account. While you would think that [...]

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What are penetration testing services?

It seems that every day on the news another company has been breached and customers are in a bind. Chances are you’ve asked yourself, “how can I prevent that from happening to our customers?”. One of the best ways to minimize your risk of attack is by having your organization undergo routine and comprehensive penetration testing services. When your organization undergoes penetration testing services, you are asking an outside firm to use any number of tricks and tools they might [...]

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You Are Only As Secure As Your Weakest Link

And, would you care to guess who your weakest link is, in terms of maintaining good security? According to a recent study, those folks most often tasked with keeping things secure for the enterprise, are also actually the ones most likely to cut corners themselves. When I saw that, I initially wanted to be stubborn and deny it was possible. But after a quick thought, I realized it was more than likely spot on. Think about it. When the company [...]

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This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Phishing Trip

One thing we've likely all gotten, is an email from some "rich Nigerian prince" offering us millions, in exchange for a little legwork or some such activity. The scam is old, but surprisingly effective. You wire them what seems like a pittance, for what you expect will be a major financial windfall on the return. Except that the phisher isn't a prince and doesn't have millions. But, they do have that untraceable money order you just sent them. That was [...]

Why Companies Respond Slowly To Breaches

You'd think it would be a long, drawn out reason, with lots of calculations and pretty charts. It's not. Per a recent piece in CSO, firms respond slowly to most of these breaches because, in spite of what you might have thought, the costs are relatively low. For an example, the article cited the recent Home Depot credit card debacle. The net cost wound up being around $28 million dollars-which doesn't seem too small to most of us. Take out [...]

A Reminder On The Danger Of An Inside Job

If you haven't heard this before, then get ready to hear it a lot more now. While outsider threats can be and are a big deal, and obviously a major concern, one of the biggest areas of risk for ANY company is and will be it's internal resources. Put another way, you have to be as careful about those who you give access to, as you are with those who don't have access to your network and corporate resources. Just [...]

Why Ashley Madison Matters…To Everyone

Yes, there are no doubt some 36 million individuals who may be a bit uncomfortable currently, but the massive Ashley Madison hack ought to have a lot more people paying attention, for several reasons. For one thing, I've read the comments online, and so many people feel that this is justified, that neither Ashley Madison nor its customers deserve sympathy or leniency. Perhaps from a moral perspective that is true, but I am not the moral police and I won't [...]

Latest Android Exploit Is A Doozy

Imagine if I told you that a full 95% of a particular system or device would be exploitable in the most amazingly simplistic method possible. Crazy, right? Sadly, not so crazy. Very real, in fact. In news that has broken ahead of the Black Hat Conference, as many as 95 Percent of the Androids in use today find themselves vulnerable to an exploit which apparently only requires the bad actor to send you an embedded video file via SMS. Android [...]

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IT and Security: One Team or Two?

Stop me if you've heard this request before..."we need project X delivered, as soon as possible."  To the requester, there is no corner not worth cutting. Whether they know it or not, they have a disregard for the processes that are usually in place to make sure things are done by the book. Put plainly, in an IT department, speed has a troubling tendency to trump security or general processes, most especially when the security arm for your firm is [...]

Inspecting Cyber Events Of July 8

By now, you've probably seen and heard a wealth of coverage pertaining to the cyber events that took place on July 8, 2015 and are known to have impacted the New York Stock Exchange and United Airlines, at the very least. Many people are reading of the reports and hearing one of two scenarios-these were very large and debilitating glitches-albeit oddly coincidental. Or that these were orchestrated attacks that could be part of a larger-scale cyber war. We know at [...]