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About Ryan Roth

Ryan Roth is a cybersecurity analyst, technologist, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience working in information technology as a developer and independent consultant. He joined Layer 8 Security after receiving a MSc in Cybersecurity from Drexel University in Philadelphia, where his exceptional academic accomplishments were recognized with membership in IEEE-HKN, the honor society of IEEE. In addition, he holds a BABA in Digital Forensics. Ryan's personal research focuses on malware analysis. He greatly enjoys educating and collaborating with individuals so that they have the knowledge and ability to control and manage their own cyber hygiene.

The Human Cost of Illicit Cyber Operations

Hostile cyber operations continue to cost governments and private organizations billions in lost, recovery efforts, and require additional investments in cyber security. All too often, this financial impact is the sole concern and primary headline in the news. However, the aftermath of these illicit operations frequently goes beyond monetary loss, disrupting the delivery of essential services to the population and causing physical effects. To date, there have been no reports of a cyber attack having caused death. An age where [...]

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New Research Affirms Layer 8 Security Recommendations

Account takeover, or account 'hijacking', is a pervasive and persistent problem for users in their work and personal environments. Most often, account hijacking attempts are automated – carried out by bots with access to vast lists of email/password combinations exposed by third-party breaches. These bots attempt to gain additional access to your digital footprint by trying those credentials against different services. For instance, a bot with access to email addresses and passwords exposed in the Equifax breach may try these [...]

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