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Layer 8 Security in the News – Privacy and COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Layer 8 Security's President and Co-Founder, Kevin Hyde, was interviewed by CBS 3 Philadelphia to offer his insights on potential privacy concerns relating to phone makers installing COVID-19 contract tracing apps on phones. Privacy Concerns Over COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Largely Misguided, Malvern Cybersecurity Expert Says

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Leadership From Your Laptop?

Layer 8 Security’s President and Co-Founder, Kevin Hyde, is featured in a podcast by Gotham Culture where he discussing the changes technology has brought upon leadership styles in the military, in the private sector, and in a COVID-19 pandemic. James O’Flaherty, Senior Associate and Behavioral Scientist at Gotham Culture, interviews Kevin because leadership development is being affected by technological innovation, teleworking, and multi-generational teams. Kevin discusses how he navigates these issues both in his military career and also as president [...]

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Layer 8 Security Offers Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Vulnerability Scans | Press Release

MALVERN, PA, March 25, 2020 -- Layer 8 Security, a service-disabled, veteran-owned cybersecurity and data risk management firm, today announced they will be offering free Cyber Awareness Training Sessions and Network Vulnerability Scans to support businesses that are now operating remotely as a result of social distancing measures and shelter-in-place orders. The Cyber Awareness Training Sessions will equip employees with best practices to detect and avoid cyber threats while working at home. Topics will include: Teleconferencing best practices to keep [...]

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Layer 8 Security recognized as a 2019 Best Place to Work

We are proud to announce Layer 8 Security has been recognized as one of the 2019 Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal! “I’m thrilled by the culture we’ve developed here at L8S. I have the best teammates anyone could want. Positioning our teammates to be successful inside and outside is a key principle of ours. Many thanks to the unique, dedicated, and talented team that makes Layer 8 Security such a fun company to be a part [...]

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Jeff Lipson featured as Villanova University BWSF Donor of the Month

Layer 8 Security's Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Lipson, was recently honored as the featured Donor of the Month for Villanova University's Blue White Scholarship Foundation. Jeff is a Villanova University alumnus and previously served as a Blue White Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors member. "I left Villanova with considerable student loans. Like most kids graduating, it took me many years to finally pay these debts. And I was fairly lucky, I had a partial scholarship. When [I was asked] to [...]

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Jeff Lipson featured on Executive Leaders Radio

Layer 8 Security's Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Lipson, was recently a featured guest on Executive Leaders Radio. Jeff was asked by Executive Leaders Radio host, Herb Cohen, about his background education, influences, mentors, early career experiences. Herb also asked Jeff about Layer 8 Security, what they do and who they serve. In addition, Jeff was asked about his interests outside of work and personal turning points. To listen to the interview, use the link below to download the full audio. [...]

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Layer 8 Security featured in Forensic Magazine GHIDRA article

Layer 8 Security Cybersecurity Engineer, Andrew Miller, was featured in Forensic Magazine for his perspectives on the recent 'GHIDRA' tool release from the National Security Agency. “I am particularly interested in seeing how it compares to other disassemblers available, such as IDA Pro, Binary Ninja or Hopper,” said Miller. “[Disassemblers are] particularly useful for analyzing malware. If you are hit with suspected malware and want to analyze what that malware is doing, tools such as GHIDRA would allow you to do [...]

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Layer 8 Security Executive Director honored as a Philadelphia Veteran of Influence

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – November 1, 2018 - Jeff Lipson, Layer 8 Security’s Executive Director, has been awarded the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2018 Veteran of Influence Award.  On Nov 1, 2018 at the Hilton Penn’s Landing, the award ceremony recognized influential veterans local to the Philadelphia business community. In addition to the Veteran of Influence award, Jeff was also featured on Radio America’s live broadcast originally airing October 21, 2018. Layer 8 Security is proud to extend its congratulations to Jeff and [...]

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[Webinar] GDPR is Here: Need-to-Know Info from Security Experts

We're excited to host a webinar on Thursday, July 26 at 11am EST with our friends at Razor Technology! Attendees can expect to learn how The General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") applies to them and what steps they can take now to address GDPR concerns. Check out the details below to learn more. -- About this webinar You may have brushed aside the flurry of emails in your inbox announcing privacy policy updates, but if your business isn’t following suit, you [...]

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Layer 8 Security at 2018 PACT Enterprise Awards

For Immediate Release May 9, 2018, Malvern, Pennsylvania - Layer 8 Security is proud to have been a top-three finalist for the 2018 Enterprise Awards Technology Startup of the Year presented by the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT). Layer 8 Security ceded the award to Perpay, a fintech startup located in Center City, Philadelphia. "We were honored to be in great company in this awards ceremony," said Jeffrey Lipson, Layer 8 Security's Executive Director. "Thanks to PACT for putting on [...]

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