Jul 23 2020

Even Congress understands – Strong cybersecurity strategy is a must

Recently, Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) posted an op-ed on CNBC titled: Strong cybersecurity strategy is no longer a luxury for small business. I invite you to read the piece here.

As a cyber evangelist, it is always heartwarming to see our legislators acknowledge, openly and honestly, the danger to small business that ransomware and other online schemes represent.

In the article, Sen. Risch paraphrased a recent FBI press release, which characterized the number of online schemes to swindle both businesses and individuals out of money and personal data as “truly breathtaking.”

The article goes on to list a variety of explanatory facts to substantiate his statements, including: “in 2019, a single data breach cost businesses an average of $200,000”; and, “studies show that 60% of small business victims go out of business within six months of experiencing such a breach.”

These truths are self evident; everywhere you look the media is driving the point home. Sadly, too many business leaders stick their heads in the sand and dismiss the message, focused on spending only where there is a tangible return on investment. Hopefully, this Bill will drive the significance of the message home.

The op-ed then turns to its focal point: the bipartisan SECURE Small Business Act, introduced to help small business owners access information on data protection practices and enable them to band together to purchase cybersecurity products at lower prices. While this Bill still awaits passage, I salute the effort and look forward to taking part.

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As the article makes clear, budgeting for security isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. Data risk management doesn’t have to cost a fortune; we can help you set appropriate, attainable goals. Together, we can help you understand what “just enough” might look like.

Layer 8 Security will always be here, ready to help businesses large and small protect their data: confidentiality, integrity and availability, all on a budget that makes sense for your business needs.

Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash