Oct 14 2020

Cyber Insurance, Litigation, & Privacy Law Experts Part 1

I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding a blog I recently posted entitled Why is Cyber Insurance so deeply misunderstood?

In the post, I discuss a few of the byzantine intricacies within the field of cyber insurance, as well as the resulting litigation that follows. I go on to advise readers to make sure they’re working with an expert in the field.

The trick here is finding someone with the proper training and knowledge.

In response to the feedback I’ve received, I’ll be highlighting some of our trusted friends in the field in this and upcoming blogs for your own research purposes.

After much scrutiny, we’ve come across several local cyber insurance brokers, litigators, and privacy lawyers that have established that they qualify for such recognition.

First up, Austin Morris, Jr. of Morris Risk Management (“MRM”). Austin has been a friend of Layer 8 Security for many years, as we see him at countless cyber events all over the Delaware Valley.

Most recently, MRM has been named by Advisen, a reputable insurance publication, as one of the USA’s best cyber insurance brokers.

I could go on about MRM, and please follow the link above to learn more, but we feel strongly about Layer 8 Security retaining our vendor agnostic stance.

What’s important is not that you choose our recommendations, but that you do your own research and treat your search with the gravitas that it demands.

As your cyber-subject matter expert (“SME”), Layer 8 Security is here to advise you on all the layers of a well-developed, Defense in Depth (“DiD”) forward Risk Management Program.

Whatever you need in our field, we can either do it ourselves or guide you to a knowledgeable SME who specializes therein. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash