Nov 30 2016

Cyber Risk Alerts are a critical component of your Cyber Risk Management Program!

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) have issued guidance as part of their mission to drive Cybersecurity awareness and compliance. The New York State Department of Financial Services announced its first state-level regulation for cybersecurity, which will be moving the country forward.

While this legislation will apply to all companies in the financial industry, from Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to Broker Dealers to Banks, this or similar legislation will ultimately apply to every business in the US.  One component that is consistent throughout collective cyber wisdom is the need to engage in Risk Alerts and Risk Sharing. The primary reason for this is to maintain a collective wisdom about the growing threats in the marketplace that are relevant for your organization. The other piece of the puzzle is to take the Risk Alert for action, put it to good use.

The first piece of the puzzle; here is a representation of three topics, taken from our most recent Risk Alert, disseminated to selected Subscription Based Clients:

  1. IRS warns of new tax bill scam

“The FTC recently published a blog post highlighting another IRS tax scam where imposters claim that the target owes money because of the Affordable Care Act . . .”

  1. Hacker shows how easy it is to take over a city’s public Wi-Fi network

“A hacker recently demonstrated at a cybersecurity event how to compromise a public Wi-Fi network with relative ease by logging into it with his laptop in order to gain access to other devices connected to the network . . .”

  1. Surveillance cameras most dangerous IoT devices in enterprise

“In a report published earlier this month, network-connected security cameras were found to be the most vulnerable of Internet of Things (IoT) devices . . .”

To learn more about any of these specific topics, please reach out.  To understand more about the next piece of the puzzle, putting these Risk Alert/Sharing Programs to use, again, please reach out. Most importantly, to learn more about your comprehensive Cyber Risk Management Program, please contact me at Layer 8 Security today.