Nov 19 2019

Cybersecurity and GI Joe

I recently read an article by Forbes’ Serenity Gibbons that I found was spot on. I particularly love her analogy about race car brakes and speed.

“A good way to think about cybersecurty is to compare it to the brakes on a race car. It’s the brakes that truly make the speed possible. Without them, the speed would be pure recklessness.”

She outlines three major themes explaining why cybersecurity should be seen as an asset:

  • Education. Let’s face it – knowing is half the battle. For those of us who are 80s kids, remember your GI Joe… Yo Joe!
  • Empowering IT teams. People matter. Spending on tech is important, but investing in the people who operate these systems, more so.
  • Outsourcing to trusted partners. Cybersecurity is about teamwork. Utilize your network. No one is an expert at all things.

Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash