Jun 11 2014

Cybersecurity Firm Salutes Innovators at Tampa Hackerspace

There’s no better way to show enthusiasm of creative, spirited talent than to bet on them – and that’s just what Technology Research Associates is doing with an investment in the Tampa Hackerspace, located in Tampa, Florida. For those that don’t know, a ‘hackerspace’ is a community workshop where members share equipment, ideas, and projects. Builders, writers, and bloggers from around the country come to collaborate and learn from each other, all part of Tampa Hackerspace’s mission to give back to the community, while developing their members’ talents.

“Our investment into the hackerspace shows our commitment to entrepreneurial technologists striving to make the world of cyber better, safer and more ethical,” said Cameron Hunt, Technology Director for TRA.

Classes are held by fellow Hackerspace members to pass on skills learned from extensive experiences such as military training and formal or technical schooling. Classes range from Introduction to Circuitry, all the way to the Nuts and Bolts of Recycling. Tampa Hackerspace, founded in August 2013, operates through membership fees, donations, and grants. All funds are used to run new and existing programs and classes, as well as provide new equipment to members.

“We look forward to seeing the bright ideas, and raw ingenuity that spawns out of creative organizations like the Tampa Hackerspace,” stated Jeffrey Lipson, Managing Director of TRA. “This is a great way for anyone to increase their skills and knowledge in an ethical way.”

About Tampa Hackerspace:

Tampa Hackerspace was established to create a sustainable space for learning and collaboration. Our mission is educational. We are currently a state-level non-profit and putting together the application for Federal non-profit status as a 501c(3). To make a charitable donation please click here.

About TRA:

TRA conducts leading-edge resiliency engineering that combines the latest technological solutions with intelligence analysis of our client’s business processes. Our proprietary methodology is a holistic approach that creates tailored solutions maximizing the security and resiliency of information management systems and the people that use them. TRA is located in Exton, PA and Tampa, FL.