Dec 14 2022

Do we wonder why healthcare still gets subpar marks in cybersecurity?

The link below is to a list of healthcare executives that are talking on video at a conference about the what’s on healthcare executives agenda for 2023… No mention of cybersecurity for all the data they promise to collect, analyze and use.

Yes, I’m being extra harsh here. We are all consumers of healthcare practices and technology and I definitely want to see an evolution of technology, practices, patient care, interoperability and more which increase positive patient outcomes.

What I think all of us would love to see is at least a mention about securing the healthcare digital ecosystem.

When we attend the HIMSS National Conference which draws close to 40,000 attendees they have a cybersecurity section wherein if you are a vendor supplying cybersecurity services or products you’d be featured there. I can tell you from personal experience it’s lightly trafficked which is why we don’t sponsor there. (Instead we feature at the HITRUST booth and swim in a bigger pond.)

The point is… in 2022, almost 2023, we still have an uphill battle to supply healthcare companies with cybersecurity services because they don’t get the budget or attention required.

CFOs, cybersecurity is not an IT problem, it’s a business issue.

Heard at HLTH: What’s on Healthcare Executives’ Agenda for 2023?