Jan 24 2017

Former Gov. Tom Ridge Says Corporate Boards Need to Make Cybersecurity a Priority

I had the honor to share a potent potable with Governor Ridge while stationed at Fort Meade.

The Governor was happy to meet a fellow Pennsylvanian.] Throughout our conversation, one theme resonated strongly with both of us: cybercrime by nation state sponsored actors was more than just a National Security issue. In the way that US businesses mobilized to support the country during World War II; even small companies need to understand they have a role to play in safeguarding their IP and money from cyber criminals. Each time a bad actor receives money from ransomware or other wire transfer compromise, etc… these funds contribute to the development of new and improved exploits that will affect new victims and continue this vicious circle.

Corporate Board Members: Please ask the hard questions of your Management Teams! And then ask to ‘see’ their Information Security Plans (Trust but verify). Most importantly, give the Management Team the funding to put plans in place / hire the right professionals to protect the business. Governor Ridge speaks the truth here. Small, incremental steps will make a huge difference; but it starts at the top with the Board.