Jul 06 2022

If your whole company doesn’t know your Cyber Defensive Strategy, you don’t have one

Need a reason to talk cyber defenses with your CEO?

‘Russian intelligence agencies are increasing the pace of cyberattacks against nations that have provided aid to Ukraine, according to new research published by Microsoft Corp. Russia is launching attacks in over 40 countries currently aimed at Governments, NGOs, think tanks, IT and Energy firms with healthcare, and finance in tow.’

This WSJ article does a good job of talking about it but it’s paywalled so the bottom line is; beefing up your defenses and training your people starts now in order to have viable defenses within a year. As anyone who’s watched a Steelers game will tell you, a defensive grind out makes the game a lot longer, and isn’t sexy, but a win is still a win. And you need to win.

Here’s the crux, defenses take a while to set up. It’s more than a set of tools and SAAS products, or simply having your network in the cloud. Think of it like this… if your whole company doesn’t know your cyber defensive strategy, you don’t have one. When a team is going to play a defensive strategy, the whole team knows it and knows their position on the field. Can you imagine a game where the players don’t know where to stand or who to cover?

Think about it, and think about talking to your whole company now about your cyber defensive strategy. If you don’t have one and need one, let’s talk. Schedule a free consultation.