Like a fingerprint, every organization is unique

There is nothing standard or cookie-cutter about the way a cybersecurity solution is integrated into an organization. You need an experienced partner to make your cybersecurity and privacy solutions stick so you can be resilient, and compliant, with the most up-to-date policies, tactics, technology, and training.

Governance Risk and Compliance advisory services will vary based upon your client portfolio, your geographical dispersion, your auditing needs, compliance requirements, and more. This isn’t easy, and it never was, but the right partner will help you get the most out of the investment you already made in your people, process and technology.

Our Technical Security Solutions enable you to bolster defenses, create secure productivity for your people, respond to threats, and lock down your most prized assets… your data. Our testing, monitoring, training and response measures will give you the confidence to connect with third parties, adhere to technical security requirements, and mostly have a resilient set of applications and technology stack so there is no disruption to your business.


Efficiency and profitability don’t always go hand in hand with cyber and privacy compliance but we can help you maximize your strategies so you can always confidently bid on every deal.


The financial services industry ranges in diversity with Banks, Mortgage Providers, RIAs, and FinTech but competition and more complex vendor relationships make determining security and privacy strategies complicated.

Government Contractors

We ensure government contractors nationwide defense industrial base address new and complex regulatory compliance, audit and other government oversight burdens such as CMMC.


The healthcare ecosystem is complex and traversing the variances of legacy versus state-of-the-art and overlaying HIPAA, BAAs, HITRUST onto all of it makes it more challenging.

Life Sciences

We believe the Life Sciences community is trying to do good for the world by creating life changing medicines and therapeutics to better people’s lives. We tackle the infosec, cyber and privacy challenges so they can stay focused on that goal.


We optimize the cyber and privacy policies, training and programs for manufacturing and distribution companies that often struggle with dispersed workforces with various levels of experience using different technology systems.

Medical devices

Medical devices are increasingly connected to the Internet, and the old legacy hospital IT systems, which means the state-of-the-art med device either may not work or could work improperly if compromised or is unable to be compliant with the new FDA rules.


We help businesses pair their cutting-edge solutions with changing regulatory issues, responses to global demands, and vague national and state laws which make adhering to your privacy and security programs a serious challenge.

Client Testimonials

Layer 8 Security's professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to operate on our timeline and schedules make them our go-to security partner.

Even in black box penetration tests, Layer 8 Security identified vulnerabilities that evaded multiple layers of control, and their recommendations significantly strengthened our security posture.

Layer 8 Security’s support model involves deeper engagement–better reporting that I can take to my board of directors, advice that I can count on, and there’s never a high-pressure upsell cycle that you find with other companies.

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