Job sites, bids and blueprints need to be flexible, so does your cyber program

Cyber presents a unique set of complexities for the construction industry. Whether organizations are large or small, understanding how to extend your information technology controls to your operational technology and industry control system is critical.

Projects grow more and more complex, and the technology and third-parties it takes to bring them to completion add more time and cost. The addition of labor that ebbs and flows makes compliance with cybersecurity and privacy requirements a distant goal. Whether the state of your cyber program is new or already a fully mature Program certified in NERC CIP, Layer 8 Security can help anywhere in that spectrum.

NERC CIP, FedRamp, state and local regulations are tough to contend with on your own.

Regardless of your current state of cybersecurity, new or already have a fully mature Information Security Program certified in NERC CIP, Layer 8 Security can help along that spectrum. Our boutique, white glove approach to your business, and our experience working with national construction companies subject to a variety of risk or compliance requirements makes us an ideal partner whether you need a single scope project, or a monthly recurring service.

As your company grows and as projects change you need to remain both nimble and progressively more digital. To do so, companies must regularly engage in Risk Assessments, update their Risk Registers, and drive their Information Security Programs forward.

We offer a host of both Advisory Services and Technical Security Services to help you to attain your desired outcome. Let’s talk about your Program.

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