Sound cybersecurity and risk management keeps you focused on positive outcomes

The health care industry’s complex and varied business models present distinct challenges that are uniquely met by Layer 8 Security’s full spectrum of cyber and privacy services and extensive experience in the industry. We assist your diverse sector with a range of services and professionals who specialize in the cyber business strategy, employee engagement, compliance requirements, risk mitigation, and the many challenges of operating in a competitive and regulated environment.

IT and Information Security, meet operational goals and regulatory requirements

Efficient management of your organization’s information security program impacts outcomes for your business and your patients. Alongside traditional and routine IT defenses, and tracking the latest HIPAA standards and compliance requirements, you have billing, reimbursements, reporting, facilities management, Medicare eligibility and private insurance to manage.

Cybersecurity and privacy management is hard and changes on a weekly basis. Let our team ensure you’re got the right controls and defenses in place, your people are trained and no HIPAA violations coming your way.

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