Cyber and Privacy Solutions that range from Biotech startups to boutique Enterprise compliance and protection services

Creating and delivering amazing new medicines and therapeutics to improve the quality of life is your primary focus. Ours is prescribing the right level of cybersecurity and privacy practices for your organization, regardless of whether you’re in pre-clinical trials, you’ve just IPO’d and you’re about to hire 150 new employees, or you’ve had drug assets in the pipeline for 30 years, we understand the different challenges you have and we have a suite of risk and compliance services for you.

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Helping people is the focus of your business, helping your people is the focus of ours

We partner with you to solve the challenges associated with your due diligence, integrations and growth. Our solutions and expertise cover the spectrum of needs for all life science stages from clinical trials, pre and post IPO, commercial, to the eventual M&A activity, plus a robust boutique offering for large scale organizations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the risks facing life sciences organizations, coupled with our expertise in the business flow and drug pipeline allows us to help clients manage risk across the enterprise.

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