Jun 27 2024

Intern’s Corner – CDK Global shutdown its systems after a major cyber-attack

CDK Global shutdown its systems after a major cyber-attack on June 19th, leaving over 15,000 car dealerships struggling to keep their business running. CDK provides software services to car dealerships across North America, including financing, payroll, inventory and parts supply, support and service, customer service relations, etc. The loss of these services is incredibly damaging to individual dealerships, leading to sending employees home and reverting to filling out paperwork by hand.

CDK managed to restore access to some of their systems on Wednesday, but were soon shut down again as they fell victim to a second attack. The attackers, BlackSuit Ransomware Gang, have reportedly stolen and encrypted CDK’s data, backups, and are demanding a ransom in the tens of millions. CDK currently plans to pay the ransom, but negotiations are ongoing.

The CDK investigation is still in its infancy. While no solution is without risks, helping to prevent your organization from cyberattacks by training employees about how to recognize, respond, and the dangers of phishing attempts is an extremely valuable practice.