Feb 28 2017

Layer 8 Security in the News – Domino Effect: NY’s Financial Cybersecurity Regulation Reaches Beyond Borders, Industries

Layer 8 Security’s General Counsel, Steven Fiergang, and Managing Director, Kevin Hyde were interviewed by LegalTech News regarding was  the upcoming New York Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulation and how it can effect other industries (not just financial).

“All companies are connected, and as we’ve seen in several of the high newsworthy breaches such as Target, it’s the third­-party vendors that have much less in [terms of their] cybersecurity protections that end up being breached,” Steven Fiergang said.

To read the LegalTech News article, visit their website at http://www.legaltechnews.com/id=1202779685261.

You can view the regulation at the NY DFS website at http://www.dfs.ny.gov/legal/regulations/proposed/rp500t.pdf.

For further information about the NY DFS cybersecurity regulation and how it could impact your business, feel free to contact us at contact@layer8cybersecurity.com.