Aug 16 2022

Layer 8 Security selected as 2022 Fire Award winner

MALVERN, PA, August 16, 2022

Layer 8 Security is among only 20 honorees selected as those setting the Philadelphia business scene on Fire!

The Philadelphia Business Journal and PHL Inno are proud to present the inaugural Fire Awards. The purpose for the recognition is intended to showcase the businesses, institutions and individuals driving the regions innovation scene forward.

The excerpt below is from the Fire Awards special edition about Layer 8 Security:

“After a number of high-profile attacks, cybersecurity has been top of mind for many sectors over the past few years. As more smart devices – including medical devices enter the market and proliferate in our everyday lives, we need security for them.

Malvern-based Layer 8 Security is taking steps to that end. The boutique Main Line firm is focused on shoring up defenses for various sectors including health care, construction, manufacturing, finance, law and life sciences. It offers both risk advisory and technical security services and over nearly the past decade, the company has had more than 200 clients, including some outside the U.S.

Its Medical Aegis program even works to address risks in connected medical devices before they go to market. The firm’s leaders know a thing or two about security. President Kevin Hyde served for 20 years in the Marine Corps and also with the National Security Agency and the United States Cyber Command. Similarly, CEO Jeffrey Lipson served with the Marine Corps and at the NSA’s Marine Forces Cyber Command. In the past two-plus years, amid the pandemic no less, Layer 8 Security has grown revenue by 30% and increased its headcount by 40%.”

“I’m grateful that PHL Inno and the PBJ are setting time aside for recognizing innovation in the workplace,” said Kevin Hyde, President of Layer 8 Security. “It’s of utmost importance for us in the cyber industry to always be upgrading, updating, and never settling for the status quo. Any type of technology can go stale but we love to work with the type of clients and teammates that continually challenge the current landscape and don’t settle until they know they’ve made a lasting difference.”

“One of the things I love most about being the CEO of Layer 8 Security is to foster creativity with the team. We invest considerable time in our ‘Innovation Fridays,’ where the group is challenged to brainstorm new ideas and concepts,” stated Jeffrey Lipson, CEO of Layer 8 Security. “It’s not often a leader can say that a concept is going to be game changing. However, what the Medical Aegis group is doing, will make the world of connected medical devices a much safer place. I’m excited for what the future will bring! Thank you to the Philadelphia Business Journal and PHL Inno for the recognition. We are proud to be among such a stellar group of companies and leaders.”