May 11 2021

Kevin Hyde featured in ACM article: Cyber-Securing the Home Office

In a recent article for the Association of Computing Machinery, Layer 8 Security’s President, Kevin Hyde, explained the importance of having security policies in place that extend beyond the office.

Areas that he highlights include: reporting potential phishing or spam attacks, staying updated with the secure versions of operating systems, and keeping devices protected against malware within network. Kevin also speaks to the significance of steering clear of social media.

We invite you to read the full article at, but here’s the important take away:

With unknown cyber threats emerging daily, it only takes one compromised employee for access to an entire ecosystem of data – it’s vital to protect a remote-workers’ more relaxed security perimeter.

The same policies and procedures in place at the office aren’t typically extended to the home environment, leading to a higher probability of compromise.

Work-from-home employees are an extremely attractive target to a criminal hacker. Even companies that employ a mature, secure information security program are still likely to be susceptible to attacks through their employee’s remote devices.

Curious how secure are your remote workers? Contact us today to learn how Layer 8 Security can make your business more cyber resilient.