Apr 30 2020

Leadership From Your Laptop?

Layer 8 Security’s President and Co-Founder, Kevin Hyde, is featured in a podcast by Gotham Culture where he discussing the changes technology has brought upon leadership styles in the military, in the private sector, and in a COVID-19 pandemic.

James O’Flaherty, Senior Associate and Behavioral Scientist at Gotham Culture, interviews Kevin because leadership development is being affected by technological innovation, teleworking, and multi-generational teams.

Kevin discusses how he navigates these issues both in his military career and also as president of a cybersecurity company. He tells relatable stories and gives actionable advice about how he approaches leadership development in this changing environment.

The podcast featuring Kevin can be found at the link directly below or on any of your favorite podcast formats, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Stitcher, and more.


Gotham Culture produces a podcast series on organizational leadership, management styles, cultural topics and people strategies.For more information on Gotham Culture’s podcast, visit their website at https://gothamculture.com/insights/gothamculture-podcast/