May 21 2019

Jeff Lipson featured as Villanova University BWSF Donor of the Month

Layer 8 Security’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Lipson, was recently honored as the featured Donor of the Month for Villanova University’s Blue White Scholarship Foundation. Jeff is a Villanova University alumnus and previously served as a Blue White Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors member.

“I left Villanova with considerable student loans. Like most kids graduating, it took me many years to finally pay these debts. And I was fairly lucky, I had a partial scholarship. When [I was asked] to be a member of the Board of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation, I agreed as I recalled how difficult it was to finish my own degree (because of financial hardship). The students who receive our scholarships are all kids who have proven themselves and now need just a little help in completing their degrees. The best part is hearing about how successful they become after graduation. The team at the Blue White Scholarship Foundation is dedicated and passionate. They work very hard at making this charity successful in giving to needy students. Anyone who donates should know that this is a legit organization whose number one goal is to see Villanova students go on to do great things.”

The Blue White Scholarship Foundation’s mission is to perform charitable fundraising that provides scholarships to deserving Villanova University students who have financial difficulty that could prevent them from graduating. Jeffrey is a member of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors. To learn more about the Blue White Scholarship Foundation, visit their website You can also check out their Spring 2019 newsletter here.

Excerpt courtesy of the Blue White Scholarship Foundation.