Feb 15 2021

Layer 8 Security Celebrates 100th Birthday of Local Military Brethren

An important part of the Layer 8 Security ethos is giving back to the community. As Marines, our values are clear; Honor, Courage and Commitment, and we are committed to being good stewards of our community and we will always go out of our way to support those that came before us and served their community or country with honor.

To that end, we’ve posted pictures of Kevin Hyde and Jeff Lipson marching through 100 degree heat in green silky shorts to raise money and awareness to prevent Veteran suicide. We’ve had posts of the team with Kat Jimenez and Steve Fiergang participating in the ‘Inglis Bash’ which supports our local heroes helping those with debilitating disabilities.

This week, Jeff, Kevin, and friends of Layer 8 Security—Jim Lane, Chris La Marca and Steve Bayles—were honored to celebrate the 100th birthday of LtJG Rob McAdoo, United States Navy. Rob served during WWII on board several small ships. The Bryn Mawr VFW was aware of LtJG McAdoo’s 100th birthday and so when word got around, Col Lipson contacted his family and offered to help him celebrate.

The Marines and Sailors showed up in their dress blues to the care facility where LtJG McAdoo and his family were having his birthday party. With masks on and social distancing in place the music was cued to play Anchors Aweigh, The Marines Hymn, and Happy Birthday! The cake was cut, and then we told sea stories and recalled older times of service to country.

Not only was it an honor to celebrate his 100th birthday, but also good to let he and his family know that the torch of caring for, and honoring selfless service, has passed on to the next generation.

Semper Fidelis!