Feb 15 2016

Layer 8 Security Presents at Rittenhouse Ventures’ Technology Leaders Forum


Contact: Kat Jimenez, Sales and Marketing Assistant 


February 9, 2016 – The Navy Yard, Pennsylvania – Layer 8 Security presented at the inaugural Technology Leaders Forum hosted by Rittenhouse Ventures at their headquarters in Philadelphia. Chief Technology Officers and senior leaders within the Rittenhouse Ventures portfolio of companies attended the event to discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to technology.

Following the theme of the forum, Layer 8 Security spoke about Data Security and covered the following areas:

  • Why cybersecurity matters in the healthcare industry
  • Identifying the different types of cyber criminals and their respective motives for attacking
  • Eggshell security vs. layered defense
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Starting a cybersecurity initiative within an organization

Chris Jefferies, Layer 8 Security’s Technical Services Director, and Daniel Costantino, Layer 8 Security’s Lead Cybersecurity Consultant, were well received by the portfolio group. Some key takeaways and concerns of the audience were:

  • How to account for data if it is moved or a screen capture is taken
  • Streamlining the effort in responding to HITRUST assessments from third parties
  • Testing software applications for vulnerabilities and shortcomings
  • Encryption of data-at-rest
  • Balancing security and usability from an employee perspective

“Information security is not a cost center – it should be used to protect your business’ bottom line and reputation. By understanding the threats facing the business and mitigating the associated vulnerabilities, organizations can provide their customers and stakeholders with reassurance that they are fulfilling their corporate responsibility. I am happy that Rittenhouse Ventures understands this and is bringing in the experts to relay this information,” says Daniel Costantino.

For more information about Rittenhouse Ventures and their Technology Leaders Forum, visit the Rittenhouse Ventures website at http://www.rittenhouseventures.com

Layer 8 Security is a cybersecurity advisory and services firm that focuses on the effective management of cybersecurity at the human layer where business processes and technology intersect. They have extensive experience and training from operations serving the National Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command, Department of Defense, Special Operations, and Defense and Private Industries.

To learn how your business can be more resilient against cyber attacks and other threats visit Layer 8 Security’s website at https://www.layer8cybersecurity.com.