Oct 16 2022

Major Kevin Hyde Retires from the U.S. Marine Corps After 20 Years

VALLEY FORGE, PA, October 8, 2022 – Layer 8 Security is proud to announce that our President and Co-Founder, Major Kevin Hyde, was just retired from the United States Marine Corps after 20 years of honorable service during the longest running wars in United States history.

On Saturday October 8, Marines, friends, family, and colleagues gathered in Phoenixville, PA to officially retire Major Kevin Hyde. Col (Ret) Jeff Lipson (USMCR), CEO and Co-Founder of Layer 8 Security, was the retiring official and presented Kevin with the official retirement certificate and a letter from the Commandant of the Marine Corps thanking his family, wife, and children.

“I’m grateful to the Marine Corps for presenting me different pathways and options in life,” said Kevin Hyde. “I’m leaving the Corps knowing I left it all on the table, and I go through life knowing I can do hard things. I can make positive impacts on people and organizations, and there isn’t a challenge I feel I can’t complete. I’m extremely grateful to my family and friends for their enduring support and love, and also that the Corps led a path for me to start and build Layer 8 Security.”

“20 years’ service is an impressive milestone in any career. Kevin’s journey was not an easy one, with a few starts and stops along the way,” stated Jeff Lipson. “In the end, coming to the finish line is testament to Kevin’s dedication. Bravo Zulu and Semper Fidelis, my friend. I’m looking forward to your remaining chapters.”

Kevin began his commissioned service in 1999 serving on active duty until 2006. He supported missions in Operation Enduring Freedom starting in January 2002, served as the Pacific Operations Director for all Public Affairs during the invasion of Iraq functioning as a spokesman for the Marine Corps, an honor only a few ever hold. He worked on the business side of the Marine Corps in the recruiting command when the all-volunteer Marine Corps was failing to recruit after the Iraq war began.

Kevin completed his master’s degree from Seton Hall and joined the civilian workforce in 2007 continuing his career in consulting, marketing, and sales. He then joined the Marine Corps Reserves in 2011 as an intelligence officer at Ft Dix, NJ for Marine Aircraft Group-49, and then served at the National Security Agency with Marine Forces Cyber Command. Following his time with the NSA and Cyber Command, he served the Marine For Life Program, and then the G-9 where he helped to recruit, train and stand-up the Reserve Cyber Forces for the Marine Corps Reserve.