May 13 2017

Major Ransomware Attack Hits 99 Countries and Counting

 What you need to know:
  • There has been a high volume of reports of Ransomware attacks called “WannaCry” affecting Microsoft Windows systems. WannaCry exploits a vulnerability called EternalBlue that Microsoft provided a patch for in March. You can learn more about this patch at Microsoft’s blog.
  • U.S. firms should be prepared for WannaCry to show up on our shores. If you haven’t already, patch your Windows systems to the most up-to-date version.Microsoft provided an update, however, it needs to be uploaded. Here are few additional technical considerations that you may do on your own or contact Layer 8 Security for support: 
    *Enable strong spam filters

    *Scan all inbound and outbound emails with your filters

    *Configure firewalls to block access to known malicious IP addresses

    *Patch operating systems, software, firmware

    *Set anti-virus and anti-malware programs to scan automatically

    *Manage use of sensitive accounts on the principle of least privilege 

    *Consider disabling Remote Desktop Protocol

    *Use application whitelisting

    *Back-up data regularly

    *Conduct annual penetration testing

  • Practice good cyber hygiene to protect yourself, your workplace, and/or your family. Learn more.