Apr 07 2016

New Tech-Support Scam – A Call Regarding Hacked Email Account

New Tech-Support Scam – A Call Regarding Hacked Email Account

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Consumer and Business Education is warning consumers of a new tech-support scam.  The FTC has received reports of individuals getting calls from someone claiming to be from Global Privacy Enforcement Network – a legitimate organization known to work with various governments.  The caller informs you that your email account has been hacked and is sending fraudulent emails.  They threaten to take legal action, unless you allow them remote access to your computer in order to fix the problem immediately.

If the caller raises questions, the scammers have been known to increase pressure and give FTC’s staff numbers for further authentication.

The FTC advises that you keep the following points in mind when receiving a tech-support call:

  • Don’t give control of your computer to anyone who calls offering to “fix” your computer.
  • Never give out or confirm your financial or sensitive information to anyone who contacts you.
  • Getting pressure to act immediately?  That’s a sure sign of a scam.  Hang up.
  • If you have concerns, contact your security software company directly.  Use contact information you know is right, not what the caller gives you.

For further details regarding tech-support and government imposter scams please visit the Federal Trade Commission website or contact us.

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