Feb 20 2021

Patches – The Scary Cybersecurity Clown

As I peruse my feeds, I often come across interesting articles that put common day business and IT challenges in a different light—this is one of them.


This article points out a very real fact most executives don’t think about; your network is a biological, living and breathing thing.

In order to stop attacks and get the defenses where they need to be, they need to maintained, patched, updated, upgraded and then re-evaluated. Constantly.

To solve these problems, you have to think about the solutions differently. The bottom-line up front = we created our own method of Continual Penetration Testing to help curb these issues.

Why continually test? Patching is constant. Upgrades are constant. Updates are never-ending. Companies have multiple cloud platforms, several applications in use, and not to mention that new threats evolve every day to test your configurations of all these technology solutions that are accessed hourly by employees and customers.

So… we created and< deployed a continual penetration test that takes place over the course of a year, meant to target static and kinetic targets. We use multiple vectors; network attacks, open-source intel, social engineering, physical break-ins, exploit web-based and mobile applications, and more.

We hit targets randomly but consistently, providing monthly reports and updates on targets hit, and intel gained.

The Solution has created a very real and ongoing teamwork approach for our clients wherein they do their own QA, but this service provides real time feedback on the quality of their living and breathing system. We have found real vulnerabilities that were in their blind spot and fixed them on the go with their teammates.

We’d be glad to have a free consultation to discuss how this may be the right solution for your security, compliance, and mostly your peace of mind.