An affordable ongoing security services that provides visibility into your network that satisfies regulatory requirements.

Most companies have a number of industry and regulatory compliance obligations that they must adhere to, all of which can impact their corporate reputation and bottom lines. In addition, the growing number of domestic and global data privacy laws further complicates organizational risk challenges.

To address these obligations and the risks inherent with handling an ever-growing body of data, instituting an Information Security Program is a course of action widely adopted in the marketplace. The Perimeter Security Package, our most cost-effective set of services, make up the logical starting pieces. Each service, performed on an ongoing basis, are critical aspects of your Information Security Program.

Security Monitoring

We monitor your infrastructure 24/7 and alert you to events that could be threats to the organization. We also provide custom dashboard and reporting models Layer 8 Security Monitoring includes and unifies the following capabilities:

  • Event Aggregation
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting
  • Forensic Archival

Managed Phishing and Training

People are the common denominator in most cyber intrusions. The most effective defense is an educated workforce. We imitate phishing attacks to test and train your employees, then deliver a report detailing the organization’s performance showing you who clicked or downloaded what, on which device, and when.

  • Reduce potential for successful cyber attacks
  • Improve employee cyber awareness
  • Hundreds of templates based on real-world phishing emails
  • Fully managed on your behalf

Penetration Testing

By mimicking cyberattacks relevant to your business, Layer 8 Security exploits your network and current resiliency functions to find weaknesses, prioritize potential risks, and provide recommendations on how to bolster your business’ defenses in a cost-effective manner.

  • Identify potential outcomes if a vulnerability is exploited
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls
  • Discover new opportunities for improved security posture
  • Comply with government, industry, or client requirements

Vulnerability Management

We assess your technical infrastructure to determine known vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The assessment provides recommendations on how to mitigate discovered vulnerabilities.

  • Measure security posture and progress in real-time
  • Single pane of glass for all historical vulnerabilities and reports
  • See all vulnerabilities for an asset with one click

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