By mimicking cyber attacks relevant to your application, Layer 8 Security’s application security assessments identify security deficiencies, analyze their potential impact on the business, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities in a cost-effective manner. We employ varying tools and techniques to test each aspect of the Top Ten most critical application security risks as defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (“OWASP”).  Our tests are performed and guided by experts who worked for years at the classified level in the Intelligence Community.

Why organizations need this

Applications and software are not being built with security as a primary focus. Companies are testing their Applications to prevent sensitive data from being extracted, manipulated or compromised. Adding security in the creation process adds complexity, cost, and time. So too does thorough testing in the QA process. But can you really afford the aftermath of a poorly secured application being breached?

What we’ll do with the results

An application security assessment will reveal potential vulnerabilities in your applications. Find out now how secure your application is and mitigate before your valuable data is exposed.

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