Layer 8 Security offers a condensed Information Security Risk Self Assessment based on the National Institutes of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (“NIST CSF”).

Layer 8 Security can conduct on your organization a questionnaire-based assessment derived from the NIST CSF. Once the questionnaire is completed, Layer 8 Security combines the results with research on industry, sector, threat landscape, and available vulnerability statistics combined with our proprietary algorithms to produce a summary report complete with a Layer 8 Security Score – based on a FICO score – and graphical representations of gaps. Included in the report are also actionable summarized remediation steps.

The output of the Baseline Security Healthcheck is intended to educate your team regarding how reactive or proactive your organization is on a cyber risk scale. The report can be utilized as a review of your current information security posture as well. While the Baseline Security Healthcheck is no substitute for a formal Information Security Risk Assessment, it is a value-driven solution for organizations seeking a preview of areas to focus on for regulatory or client-driven compliance needs.

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