When your organization is in a critical time of need, the skill of the people conducting the response determines how well you rebound from an adverse event.

Layer 8 Security can provide detailed forensic analysis relating to intellectual property theft, damage to critical network infrastructure, and more. In addition, we are partnered with several of the industry’s top organizations to best protect our clients. With our unique pedigree, you can feel confident in Layer 8 Security’s ability to provide a thorough and detailed analysis to support yours or your client’s case.

We have years of experience dispatching incident response teams to organizations dealing with dire circumstances. We are discreet and thorough, and with our breadth of experience working in the Intelligence Community, our tradecraft is unmatched.

How do you know when you need an incident response team? Threats that cause the need for a Breach Response team can come from internal employees, external third-parties, clients, natural disasters, and more.

Below is a sampling of what Layer 8 Security can do to mitigate damage in an incident:

  • Collect compromised equipment, provide forensic proof and analysis, and report to executives and board members as necessary
  • Conduct interviews, provide analysis, and bring in internal forensic auditing services
  • Provide swift access to PR firms, insurance and legal counsel experienced with managing cybersecurity issues
  • Implement a long-term mitigation plan such as providing new MSP, tools, etc.
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