Assess Once, Report Many

HITRUST CSF Certification helps organizations address internal risk management, third-party risk management, and compliance needs in lieu of proprietary information security questionnaires and onsite audits.
Reasons to leverage the HITRUST CSF and attain certification:
  • A prescriptive, certifiable, rigorous approach to accurately evaluate your organization’s current risk management posture
  • Customize a set of risk-based controls that meets your organization’s industry, regulatory, and client needs
  • Integrates and harmonizes other risk management frameworks for ease of reporting
  • Communicate your security program to regulators, clients, and other stakeholders with transparency and consistency in a repeatable fashion

Layer 8 Security created a proprietary methodology to guide its Healthcare clients to HITRUST Certification.

Each HITRUST CSF Certified organization is required to adhere to a minimum baseline of controls. These required controls can be scaled to appropriately fit your organization’s type, size, and complexity, and have formal classification in the HITRUST CSF. You can also include GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, SOC 2, and others as part of the certification.

Why Get HITRUST Certified?

Rather than performing individual assessments and audits for each standard and for each provider, supplier, or customer to verify compliance, you could instead undergo a single HITRUST CSF assessment that includes those requirements.

The HITRUST CSF simplifies this ordinarily lengthy process by utilizing an ‘assess once, report many’ approach.

After receiving the certification, you can potentially address your compliance framework and standards requirements in one fell swoop. This is especially helpful for organizations that must adhere to multiple compliance frameworks and are required to respond to multiple security questionnaires.

Benefits of HITRUST Certification:
  • Reduced risk and increased security posture of your organization
  • Able to adapt to changes with more speed and greater certainty that resources are allocated effectively
  • IT and business units enabled to communicate and understand risk at every level of the organization
  • Saved time on third-party vendor questionnaires
  • Saved money on cybersecurity insurance premiums
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Lastly, HITRUST certified organizations are threat adaptive, as the controls relevant to their certification are constantly revised to incorporate new best-of-class security recommendations and updates to compliance regulations.

Interested in HITRUST certification? Please contact us to learn more, including:
  • Understanding the certification process from start to finish
  • Defining what will be in-scope for your HITRUST assessment
  • Identifying your organization’s tailored baseline
  • Preparing your organization for the assessment
  • Receiving the certification and maintaining compliance

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