Uncertain times call for trusted responses

Rather than fearing the inevitable and facing the uncertainty alone, proactive organizations are preparing themselves by assessing their current level of cyber resilience and partnering with cybersecurity firms capable of incident investigation and resolution.

Layer 8 Security can equip you with actionable recommendations that improve your ability to swiftly react to a cybersecurity incident and limit its business impact. You also get investigation and remediation expertise when it’s needed most.

Our Incident Response Services make up a tailored approach to define your organization’s ‘state of readiness,’ bolster incident response capabilities, and provide access to dedicated experts.

We break it down in three levels:
Response Readiness Assessment

We begin with an in-depth review of your organization’s network security, incident response plan, including team roles and responsibilities, security policies, procedures, and controls. Our insights drive a customized, onsite tabletop exercise that validates your processes against real-world scenarios. You then receive a detailed roadmap that identifies areas for improvement.

Response Preparedness Plan

Our team of subject matter experts work with you to close the gaps identified during the Response Readiness Assessment. We assist in defining roles and responsibilities, developing an escalation path, and maximizing your current incident response toolset. You receive recommendations to harden your security posture and improve future response efforts.

Response Retainer

Developing, maturing, and supplementing your incident response capabilities give you priority access to our experienced incident response experts who will help quickly recognize and contain threats.

Choosing the right service level for you.

Layer 8 Security’s tiered program levels provide you with a range of options to appropriately address your needs:

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