Today’s business environment and the value of data demand a concerted effort toward information security. And with so many ongoing initiatives requiring attention today, it’s difficult to keep up with new work being added to your portfolio.

Layer 8 Security’s Information Security Consulting provides you the resources of an entire security team, not just one CISO. We can assist with the development and ongoing management of an information security program to address your data security and privacy risk needs. This includes a host of services tailored to your organization, which are normally acquired through the full-time employment of an entire management team, including but not limited to Executive-level risk management advisory and management of a comprehensive security and compliance lifecycle program.

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance knowledge, in conjunction with our Technical Security experience, positions us to drive your organization toward Information Security maturation in an effective and efficient manner.

Here are a few ways we help our clients:
  • Information Security Program Development and Management
  • Virtual CISO
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Compliance Updates and Advisory
  • Security Budget Advisory

Our clients work with us in this manner because most don’t have the resources to hire a traditional CISO or the team and infrastructure that go along with them. In this capacity, we are utilized and viewed as a collaborative member of your team. We work with them to strengthen your people, processes, and technology more securely and align security efforts with your business objectives.

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