Layer 8 Security’s ability to understand risks from a multitude of threat models allows us to conduct a holistic assessment of your organization. Our Assessment provides you with prioritized and custom recommendations so your organization can make well-informed business decisions to achieve future state goals.

We develop simulated outcomes to determine total loss exposure as well as detailed comparison data in moving from one maturity level to the next to help you make cost-effective decisions about your organization. This detailed analysis will position you to evaluate whether the costs associated with maturing to various levels are appropriately offset by the risk reduction.

Frameworks we frequently conduct Risk Assessments against:

  • NIST Frameworks
  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • SEC

A Risk Assessment as a standalone project satisfies compliance obligations and provides significant insights into your current posture; however, it yields the most value when leveraged as a starting point in building an Information Security Program, which will serve to:

  • Limit financial liability and minimize risk when an incident occurs
  • Maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of company data
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance needs
  • Proactively address the changing risk landscape

Understanding your business is the first step of our Assessment by taking many facets into consideration – your mission statement, your security controls currently in place, and your operating model. This allows us to tailor your Assessment so our findings properly support your business objectives. Based upon our understanding and the organization’s current maturity, we make detailed determinations on the nature of each risk and the impact they may have on your organization.

Assessment Phases

We leverage quantitative and qualitative risk analysis techniques to prioritize your highest risks to determine the probability of achieving your risk, impact, and cost targets when executing a mitigation strategy. Industry supplied statistics combined with our expertise in your specific industry enable us to model calibrated data to help determine probability, loss exposure, and magnitude.

At the conclusion of your Assessment, we compile our observations and findings into an actionable report intended to educate and inform next steps to reach a desired future state. Included in the report will be the following:

  • Executive Summary highlighting organizational strengths and weaknesses and top risk-reducing recommendations
  • Designation of cyber reactivity or proactivity
  • Comparison of your current posture against industry-standard controls
  • Detailed listing of identified vulnerabilities with step recommendations toward security best practices

Maturity Assessment & Target Future State

Our team has in-depth experience identifying, defining, and mapping business processes and their associated risk levels, which includes recommendations for process improvements, all part of our drive to keep businesses in business.

Layer 8 Security can take your organization from the Risk Assessments through the implementation of the control remediations, all the way to continuous maturation of your Information Security Program. Our Technical Security and Governance, Risk, and Compliance expertise positions Layer 8 Security to help our clients achieve their goals in an effective, efficient manner.

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