Our assessment techniques begin with an understanding of your
organization and the risks it faces.

Layer 8 Security starts by understanding your business by taking many facets into consideration – the mission statement, controls currently in place, and the operating model. Based upon our understanding and the organization’s current maturity, we make detailed determinations on the nature of each risk and the impact each risk may have on your organization.

Our ability to understand risks from a multitude of threat models gives us a unique ability to create comprehensive recommendations for mitigation and countermeasures which include legal requirements from Data Privacy or Technical Safeguards mandated by compliance regulations. Security and Privacy are fully integrated into a system life cycle perspective – Security and Privacy by Design Methodology.

We leverage quantitative and qualitative risk analysis techniques to prioritize your highest risks to determine the probability of achieving your risk, impact, and cost targets when executing a mitigation strategy. Industry supplied statistics combined with our expertise in your specific industry enable us to model calibrated data to help determine probability, loss exposure, and magnitude.

We can develop simulated outcomes to determine total loss exposure as well as detailed comparison data in moving from one maturity level to the next to help you make cost-effective decisions about your organization. This detailed analysis will position you to evaluate whether the costs associated with maturing to various levels are appropriately offset by the risk reduction.

At the completion of the Risk Assessment, Layer 8 Security is uniquely positioned to manage the implementation of the recommended mitigations via our Integrated Services – all part of our commitment to keeping your business in business.

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