Your employees are the first line of defense

Why organizations need this

People are the common denominator in most cyber intrusions, and the best part about people is they can be instantly made a sharper and more defensible layer for your company with the right training. Social engineering attacks have become highly sophisticated, and your employees are the first line of defense – they need to know what these attacks look like.

How it works

Phishing simulations demonstrate the importance for continued employee education and the need for robust cyber hygiene. Layer 8 Security imitates a sophisticated phishing attempt to test your employees then follows up with training to keep your employees sharp.

Our training content is derived from best practices from the top-level institutions in the country such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the SANS Institute, as well as private industry white-hat professionals.

What we’ll do with the results

At the conclusion of each simulation, Layer 8 Security presents a report to your team that quantitatively defines the current level of information security awareness and the likelihood that employees will put the organization’s assets at risk.

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