Layer 8 Security’s penetration testing identifies security deficiencies, analyzes their potential impact on the business, and provides recommendations on how to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities in a cost-effective manner.

By leveraging a team of ethical hackers, Layer 8 Security can mimic real-world cyberattack methods to test your technical, administrative, and physical security posture so you can maintain effective controls around your most sensitive assets.

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Layer 8 Security can conduct penetration testing engagements focused on:
  • External, public-facing networks
  • Private, internal networks
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Physical premises and people
An organization may need a penetration test to:
  • Identify potential outcomes if a vulnerability is exploited
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls
  • Discover new opportunities for improved security posture
  • Comply with government, industry, or client requirements

Organizations need to know the dangers of their public-facing and private internal networks, how well their defenses stack up, and the types of threat vectors they need to be defending against. Depending on your organization’s information ecosystem, a penetration test can yield significant insights into places where sensitive data is handled and can be performed in continual, recurring, or one-time fashions.

How it Works

While vulnerability scans and assessments search systems for known vulnerabilities, a penetration test involves the additional step of actively exploiting discovered vulnerabilities. As such, penetration tests yield the most insights but are significantly more intrusive.

Layer 8 Security penetration tests follow the Penetration Testing Execution Standard, a norm adopted by leading members of the information security community that allows for repeatable and systematic engagements.

Our tests are performed and guided by certified security professionals with years of experience attacking complex applications and large-scale networks. Depending on your organization’s profile and need, our testing can include the use of exploitation tools at various layers, social engineering methods, and physical assessment of the information security infrastructure.

While penetration test service providers are commonly found, we take extra steps to be an essential security services provider:
  • Our penetration tests leave no stone unturned. We train our team to examine assets completely instead of running through a checklist
  • Our professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to operate on our clients’ timelines and schedules make for better outcomes
  • We engage with where you’re going as an organization. We ask questions, learn your operations, and use that knowledge to conduct a comprehensive penetration test

Layer 8 Security's professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to operate on our timeline and schedules make them our go-to security partner.

Even in black box penetration tests, Layer 8 Security identified vulnerabilities that evaded multiple layers of control, and their recommendations significantly strengthened our security posture.

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