Why organizations need this

These attacks have become highly sophisticated, and your employees are the first line of defense – they need to know these phishing attacks look like. Layer 8 Security imitates a sophisticated phishing attack to test your employees then follows up with training to keep your employees sharp.

What we’ll do with the results

The phishing simulation demonstrates the importance for continued employee education and the need for robust cyber hygiene. At the conclusion of the simulation, Layer 8 Security presents a report to your team that quantitatively defines the current level of information security awareness and the likelihood that employees will put the organization’s assets at risk.

Why ours is better

In a managed phishing simulation, your organization is provided with the following:

  • Detailed reporting that enables valuable decision-making for your business
  • Analysis of the greatest threats your company faces due to its industry, clientele, monetary position, competitors, and more
  • Immediate and long-term training tailored specifically for your staff
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